Let's do the math!

Benjamin Franklin said, "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." But what if you could purchase premium quality, SOLID BASSWOOD shutters, made right here in Phoenix for Phoenix conditions, for LESS than the "big box" stores are selling them?

With All American Shutters & Blinds LLC you can! Get the best shutters on the market for less than retail! Below you can see how we compare to the estimate we received from a local "big box" store and a local design center. 

How "big box" compares to All American Shutters & Blinds LLC

We compared solid Basswood shutters in a standard finish with a visible opening bar.


  Local "Big Box" store   $30-33.00 per square foot
  Local Design Center   $25-30.00 per square foot
  All American Shutters & Blinds LLC  $20.50 per square foot


On an average house  wood shutter order, this can equate to a saving over $2000+ over a "big box" store!

That's assuming you can get solid wood at your local "Big Box". Many times you'll be offered inferior non-wood products, ones which won't stand up to the harsh Arizona climate. See our Buyer's Guide for Shutters for more information or just get started now!